QUICK NEWS – Musk confirms 322km/h, 828kW 838km range, R3-million Tesla Plaid

Among the many startling revelations at his Battery Day, ex Bryanston boy and Tesla boss Elon Musk unveiled his new 828kW Plaid (the synonym of chequered). The 322km/h (200mph) sub-2-second 0-100km/h 9-second quarter-mile socket rocket has triple 500kW electric motors. One up front and two aft powered by a 130 kWh battery. That’s 30% up on the current Model S.

You can configure your Plaid online. It should land here at about R3-million. Musk reckons his Plaid smashes the absolute Laguna Seca production saloon car lap record at 1minute 30 seconds. That’s 1.5 seconds off the overall McLaren Senna stock car record, by the way.

The Battery Day event unveiled several more milestones sure to send Tesla stocks onto an even wilder tangent. Addressing an audience sitting in Tesla cars and honking horns to show approval, Musk promised a far more efficient way of making batteries on a much larger scale that will cut the cost per kilowatt-hour in half.

He also hinted at future Teslas having their battery is part of their structure. He suggested a R350K Tesla car within three years and also said he promised that internal-combustion cars will soon go the way of the steam engine.

Check out Tesla’s Battery Day here. Is it the future…?

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