Audi launches a full range of e-tron electric vehicles in South Africa

Audi chose the palidine moment of 22022022 — or 22 February 2022 — to celebrate a milestone moment for South African motoring. The four ring brand unleashed its premium range of sustainable and all-electric mobility for South Africa. At a glittering event at Cape Town’s Zeitz MOCAA Museum. We even had the distinct pleasure of driving the flagship RS e-tron GT at precisely 22h02 on 22 02 2022!

“Never has any automotive brand anywhere in the world launched this many electric vehicles in one go.” Audi South Africa chief Sascha Sauer promised. ‘Tonight is a historic moment not just for the Audi brand but for South Africa too, as we accelerate our transition towards e-mobility and fully embrace Audi’s global mission in transforming towards being a provider of premium sustainable mobility and in line with our Brand’s global commitments towards the Paris Climate Agreement.”

Audi is chasing a perfect future, with its vision falling under four pillars of Design, Digitalisation, Performance and Sustainability. The four ring brand’s South African launch EV range comprises of three e-tron 55 derivatives, the e-tron 55 Sportback, e-tron S Sportback, and e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT flagship models.


Audi is the world market leader in the luxury electric vehicle market. It currently offers the largest number of fully electric models to its consumers around the world. With a 58 percent increse in EV sales year on year in 2021, Audi has already sold over 52 000 EVs globally. The brand has also doubled its product portfolio of fully electric models in the past year. Audi’s best-selling model being the e-tron and e-tron Sportback range will now become a regular part of Audi’s SA range too.

“We will grow the e-tron model range locally and will introduce at least one new electric model a year. “To secure a leading electric vehicle position within the premium automotive market from the start in South Africa.” Sauer concluded. “Of course it doesn’t stop at just a product level. “Audi has also partnered with GridCars. “To invest in building the largest and fastest electric vehicle public charging network in the country.”


We had a chance to albeit very briefly drive two of the cars. The e-tron 55 has that typical Audi SUV feel. It looks good, is comfortable, nippy, and full of tech. Its rear view monitors ae most interesting too. This car has cameras on stalks where you’d normally find the mirrors and screens on each end of the dash to show the rear view. We found the TV mirrors. a bit of a challenge. Unlike a regular rear view mirrors where you maintain yourfield of vision as you glance in them, you now look at, not into the screen, so it takes that much more mental effort…

Then a bit later, we took that 22h22 trip in the unexpectedly fast RS e-tron GT. Brutal in acceleration, it just seems to keep on giving. Highly agile in spite of the weight, you can fan feel the Low centre of Gravity. And in spite of its unique style, this car also holds onto that typical Audi RS feel borne out by that stiff alcantara steering and all the familiar RS aspects, well. Despite a complete lack of mechanical noise. It still manages to Maintain a comfortable ride. Personally I prefer its Taycan cousin’s looks, but this seems to be a more sensible alternative

Audi’s first e-tron 55 First edition will be available in limited numbers for a limited time in South Africa. From the second half of 2022. Sold through Audi’s ten EV Dealerships nationwide and starting at R1,745 million. As with all Audi EV models, the First edition is supported by a five year/100,000km Audi Freeway Maintenance Plan. And an 8 year/160,000 km battery warranty.

Audi e-tron Pricing
55 First edition     R1,745M
55 advanced          R1,990M
55 S line            R2,045M
55 Sportback S line  R2,115M
S Sportback          R2,425M
GT                   R2,715M
RS GT                R3,300M
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